Blogs I Follow

Reading travel and lifestyle blogs has become part of my ever morning ritual. Below are some of my favorites!

Expat Blogs

  • Artfully Adored – Stephanie is currently working towards her master in Art Business in Paris. Her blog is full of inspiration, and reminds me to look at the beauty of details while traveling.
  • Christine in Spain – Christine moved to Southern Spain after graduation and has never looked back since. She explores the sights, culture and food of Spain in a way that really makes me want to pack my things and go back.
  • Correr es mi destino – Juliette (or Zhu) is an artist in all possible ways: she’s a talented writer and photographer, and has put together an amazing and resourceful blog in which she shares the cheers and hassles of immigrating and settling down in Canada.
  • Eurotrip Tips – Marie-Eve is a french Canadian that moved to Clermont-Ferrand, France following her dreams. While living in France, she also takes every chance to travel around Europe!
  • Expat Edna – Edna is young and ambitious and, just like me, she believes that one can travel without giving up your career. She’s currently living her dream in Paris!
  • Lost in Cheeseland – Girl meets Frenchman and moves to Paris. She loves food (when you see her food pictures, you’ll know why and will soon feel the same – promise!) and has crafted an impressive list of favorite eats in Paris.
  • Kaleena’s Kaleidoscope – Kaleena is preparing her journey to South Korea to teach english. I can’t wait to read about her adventures!

Travel Blogs

  • Adventurous Kate – Kate chose to live the unconventional life of being a full-time travel blogger. She has been hopping from one adventure to another since 2010!
  • Almost Fearless – Christine and her husband (Drew) have been traveling since 2008. Later on, they had a baby (Cole) and haven’t allowed this to stop them living the life they want! They’re also working on a documentary about people who take their careers online in order to travel the World (can’t wait for it!).
  • Aviators and a Camara – Kirsten is a fantastic photographer, travel writer and new media consultant. Her speciality is mobile photography (which she teaches in many conferences worldwide) – you won’t believe the wonders she does with an iPhone!
  • A Wandering Sole – Laura is a running, volunteering and Africa enthusiast and her blog is all about the places she visits, the people she meets and the experiences she has. I love to read about her adventures in Africa, as I’m really hoping to visit this continent myself some day.
  • Bitten by the Travel Bug – Nicole is an australian adventure lover spending 6 months in Australia and another 6 months of the year traveling. She has run with the bulls in Pamplona, rode a camel in Uluru and has stayed in a capsule hotel in Japan.. I’m excited to read about what’s next on her list!
  • C’est Christine – Christine lives her life on the fullest. I’ve been following her through France, Australia, Southeast Asia… all the way to her latest crush: New York. Her posts are always inspiring to read and, as another can’t sit still Gemini myself, I can always relate to her stories!
  • Indecisive Traveler – I was lucky enough to meet Rease in Buenos Aires shortly before her moving back to the States. Now, she’s following her dream of working freelance and traveling whenever she wants.
  • Legal Nomads – Jodi is a former lawyer that, after 5 years in the corporate World, decided to take some time off to travel. In travel (and food!), she found her passion – and has never gone back to be a lawyer!
  • Nomadic Chick – Jeannie ditched her life in the US to travel the World. She is an incredibly talented writer that has no fear of expressing her thoughts and opinions: from bull fighting to aging and sex.
  • The Great Affair – Candace is a travel writer and photographer, and an amazing sketch artist. She writes about her experiences in a way that makes you think about life in a different way – truly an inspiration.
  • The Travel Chica – Stephanie took a sabbatical to focus on her photography by traveling through Latin America (which partly inspired me to travel to Argentina and Chile last winter).
  • Twenty-Something Travel – Stephanie is living her dream of being a freelance writer and travel blogger. She has also created an iPhone app called Eat the World and runs the bi-weekly #EattheWorld twitter chat (I bet you know what else she likes besides travel!)
  • Wild About Travel – Simon spent many years in the corporate world before deciding to pursue his passion of travel. What I love about her is that he embraces unplanned travel more than anyone I know – you really never know where she’s going to be next!

Travel Blogs (En Español)

  • La Gaveta Voladora – Yolanda, Marcos and me share more than we thought: passion for travel, the outdoors and sports… but also the same home town (Yes, they live in Tenerife!). Follow them to read about their anecdotes and amazing travels around the World.
  • Shooting, Dreaming, Traveling – I had the pleasure to meet Imma personally while she was living and working in London. Now she´s back in Spain but hasn’t stop travelling!
  • Viajando por Ahí – Aniko is not only an excellent travel blogger, but also an inspiring photographer, a creative and a humanitarian. Originally from Argentina, I’ve been following her through South East Asia and now can’t get enough of her experiences through South America.