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Photo Essay: Fall in Kew Gardens

Fall In Kew Gardens, London

Last sunday I visited Kew Gardens. I had been wanting to go since I moved to London more than a year ago, but there was always something last-minute stopping me (most of the time, it was sudden rain showers). Kew Gardens, for those of you who may not know, is one of the World’s most famous gardens - a UNESCO World Heritage site to my collection.

These gardens are home of thousands of different species from all over the globe. They never really lose their charm – no matter the season. With it’s 16 GBP entry fee, it’s definitely not a bargain – but it was definitely worth it to capture the most out of autumn in London.

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Fall in Kew Gardens, London

Where is your favorite spot to capture autumn shots?

That Day I Danced in an Old Soap Factory (Berlin)

I have had a huge variety of nightlife experiences – from sipping mojitos at a trendy roof top overlooking Shanghai’s skyline to drinking 1€ beer cans in Madrid’s alternative corner, Malasaña. At age 28, I thought there could be little that would surprise me anymore.

Berlin proved me wrong.

We spent the first half of the night in a trendy bar with furniture (and all sorts of additional decoration) hanging from the ceiling. For the second half of the night, we ventured to one of Berlin’s famous after-parties. It was so famous… that after 40 minutes queuing under drizzling rain, we didn’t get in. Our cab driver tried comforting us with his words: You don’t dress right for this place, he said, you need to tear your jeans and shirts, be more trendy. I didn’t feel like tearing my expensive jeans and felt quite comfortable with my kind of trendy, and asked the driver to take us to an after-party where we would be welcome.

A good 10 minutes later, we stopped. I peeked out of the window and saw what seemed to be the entrance to a Caribbean beach party.

Now we’re talking…

Behind the beach hut, a few stairs transported us to a completely different set…

Katerholzig, Berlin

Katerholzig is a legendary club located in an old warehouse that used to be a soap factory, on the periphery of Berlin. We arrived at dawn, and worrying we would only had another hour until closure and turned to the first person and asked when was closing time.

Close?, he asked, confused, this place doesn’t close until Tuesday. It was Sunday.

Katerholzig, Berlin

The inside is practically as unexpected as its exterior. Another beach hut, white sand and a palm tree in one area. A dark room with sofas in another. A dance floor with ample windows. People dancing with rubber rings and duck-alike umbrellas. It was surreal, and yet about the funkiest experience I’ve had so far.

Katerholzig, Berlin

Experiencing Berlin – Festival of Lights 2012

Last month, I visited Berlin for the first time in more than 5 years. Well, more than 15 years, considering that I spent the previous time trapped in a shopping mall with -20ºC outside. Each of my previous visits had a fundamental purpose – visiting family. I hardly did any sightseeing, and part of me knew I was missing out on something big.

This time, I wanted to sense Berlin. Its latent history and culture. Its edgy, trendy and modern side. I wanted to understand the Berlin that had bewitched so many youngsters. I couldn’t have chosen any better time for my visit, as it coincided with the Festival of Lights.

Berlin Festival of Lights 2012

The Festival of Lights is an annual celebration held in Berlin during 12 nights every October. As soon as the sun falls, the city is lit up with spectacular installations and performances contributed by both, local and international artists. The festival offers from laser animations and colorful light art to mind-blowing 3D projection mapping on the city’s landmarks.

Berlin Festival of Lights 2012

Since pictures don’t really justify the amazing spectacle, I’ve created a short video taking two different 3D projections I filmed during the weekend. Enjoy!!

If you want to find out more about Berlin’s yearly Festival of Lights or plan on attending next year, click here.

Work Hard – Play Hard

Fall in London, UK

You may have noticed that the posts have been slowing down a bit here at 100 Miles Highway. Ever since I went back to student life at the end of September, my schedule has changed radically. Now, after 5 hours of lectures and a 1 hour journey back home, I take out my computer and continue work at home. Having my laptop in front of me means I need to research, draw and write for my next project. Then, each time we give a live pitch, adrenaline rushes through my body, and as soon as we’re done, it’s a call for celebration!

I work hard and play hard – and I LOVE it.

I know it’s possible to combine studying, socializing, exercising, traveling and blogging… but I’m still learning to find the right equilibrium. I’m definitely not done with my Chinese Adventure, and I haven’t stopped traveling either – I flew to Berlin and Geneva last month!

In the meantime, I really appreciate you still following along.