Capture the Season: My London Anniversary

I’m lounging on my terrace, overlooking the park. Every now and then, an airplace traces the blue sky above me, leaving a trail of white clouds behind. I realize that these are the last days of summer – soon, my bikini will have to return to the back of my closet, being replaced by scarfs, leather jackets and boots.

It has been one year since I’ve moved to London and I’m already saying goodbye to my favorite english season for the second time. However, this time, I’m looking forward to welcome autumn. I’m looking forward to student discounts, brand new faces and an exciting big step in my new career. This year in London has been anything but what I had expected. I learned so much about myself, my values and my deepest dreams. I found courage to step out of my comfort and into the exciting unknown. I swiched from fearing not to know where I’d be in five years time, to embracing uncertainty in a 3 months span.

So to celebrate a year of unexpected London, I’m choosing my favorite photographs of London for my entry to Capture the Season promotion.

I realize it is fall when…

Fall in London, UK

…The city is bathed in a golden light. Despite a blue sky and shining sun, the air is crisp and humid. The parks are covered in yellow-tainted leaves. I rescue my boots and wool scarf from the back of my wardrobe. My weekends go by with long walks along the river, capturing every sight of the city, and conclude my day with a pint of ale and a game pie in a local gastropub.

I realize it is winter when…

Winter in London, UK

… I dread leaving the house every morning and wonder whether I should wear my Hunters, my UGGs or have the courage to leave in heels. I choose to go for one of the first two, and pack the others in my XXL handbag, together with a hat, an umbrella, gloves and an extra thick scarf. Winter in London is unpredictable, so I usually carry half my wardrobe with me to be prepared at any time. Bare branches greet me on my way to work. Winter is the best excuse to go shopping – every shop window is carefully and heartily decorated in Christmas-theme, street lights shine reflecting on the wet streets and it’s simply too cold to spend more than 5 minutes outside.

I realize it is spring when…

Spring in London, UK

… London is covered in green. All the rain and humidity is paying off – crisp green grass, colorful flower beds and even entire buildings covered in leafs! I’m excited to see a ray of sunlight force itself through the cloudy sky. Shop windows display english country flower dresses and some women brave to ditch their winter tights and substitute their coats with light jackets. On a rare sunny afternoon, I fight for a spot on one of London’s many terraces to enjoy a glass of rosé. Hopes are high for summer to come.

I realize it is summer when…

Plane Flying over London

… All I really want to do is grab a book and go to the park. I twist and turn in the sun, hoping to get a hint of a tan. I admire the blue sky, and the many planes flying above me. I hear a bell ringing in the background – cream van is approaching! I look around me, and realize every one else is expecting him, too. Friends are playing ultimate frisbee and rugby close by (I secretly hope to not be hit by them – as my previous experiences have already shown my innate skill to attract flying objects). These days, I feel I don’t need anything else but this: a park, a group of friends and a good book. Add a glass (or two) of white wine and I’m in London’s heaven.

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6 Responses to “Capture the Season: My London Anniversary”

  1. ZhuSeptember 18, 2012 at 3:03 AM #

    I like your Covent Garden pic!

    Sometimes, the change of season can be tough to deal with. Yet I usually welcome it, I would be bored living in “summer” all the time!

    • KatherinaSeptember 23, 2012 at 6:42 PM #

      A few years ago, I didn’t appreciate the change in season the way I do now… I actually like a leafy autumn and a snowy winter (as long as I have proper clothes for that!)

  2. Kaleena's KaleidoscopeSeptember 18, 2012 at 7:32 AM #

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! They really do invoke the spirit of each season. It’s funny how each season is tied to so many memories and emotions, isn’t it? Great entry! :)

    • KatherinaSeptember 23, 2012 at 6:45 PM #

      Thanks Kaleena! Yes, it’s interesting how we link seasons to certain memories… funnily, these come up the next time around – becoming something like a tradition. I am already excited for game season!

  3. date safeSeptember 21, 2012 at 6:03 PM #

    I love the pictures especially the spring and it so happen that spring is my favorite season too. There is always color and life during spring, so refreshing! :D


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