August Challenge: Make Time Fly

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.
- Albert Einstein

Plane Flying over London

One of the many things I’ve done to make time pass quickly: watching planes fly over me in the park.

The mind plays funny tricks to our experience with time. Sometimes a day seems to stretch enormously and others, you feel it’s end before it had even started.

It’s a matter of how we perceive things.

Common thoughts on time are that time flies when you’re having fun or time drags when you’re bored. Sure, that’s true – but there’s much more behind these statements. When we are having a good time, we are keeping our mind distracted and don’t pay attention to time. When we’re performing an unpleasant task, however, the clock seems to stop. Boredom basically draws our attention to the passage of time and every single minute feels like eternity.

Sometimes, when listening to a particular music piece I love, time slows down to my perception. This, I read, is because of the greater attention I give to it. This also happens when snoozing my morning alarm – I even get nervous thinking that I’ve cancelled it instead. But most of all, time slows down when you’re expecting something big to happen.

Mountains in Torres del Paine, Chile

I’m too impatient to hike to the top. Is tele-transportation an option yet?

When ramping up to a long expected trip, I start packing days in advance – not because I’m an organized person, but because I just can’t wait. When hiking uphill to reach a viewpoint over a valley, every minute is multiplied by 30 in my perception – I’d rather run up and watch (I should start training for that). Before moving into my new apartment, I used to count the time left, every single day. And now that my career change is real – I’ve got my mind fixed in the 25th of September (the day I start my postgrad course), which feels a year away.

My relationship with my watch and my calendar starts to be slightly unhealthy, which is why I’m planning to change the speed of time passage.

August dare: Make time fly (at least until the 25th of September!).

Sailing in Tenerife, Spain

A week sailing that felt like a day trip – This happens when you’re enjoying yourself!

So how do I plan on changing the speed at which time passes?

Not an easy task – but I have a plan.

For a start, I’m ditching any type of watch this month. The only time I’m allowing myself to use it, is for my morning wake up call (otherwise, the day would fly far too quickly because of my 12-hour naps). Otherwise, all sort of appointments will be set up as e-mail and calendar reminders – which will hopefully surprise me with how quick they’ve approach in time. This should make it easier to concentrate on the tasks I’m performing, instead of focusing on the passing of time.

Even more importantly, I’ll keep myself busy – super busy in fact – all of the time. It’s a good thing that the Olympics are on, that I’ve got a whole new neighborhood to explore and a new industry to learn of (in addition to my full time job, my goal to become a day skipper before the end of september, and have lots of fun with it all). To keep track of my productivity, I’ve even joined the Todoist cult (ok, it´s not exactly a cult – but I’m not the only one in the blogosphere finding it incredibly useful).

Now, let the countdown begin…

How do you make sure time goes quickly when you’re impatiently waiting for something?

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4 Responses to “August Challenge: Make Time Fly”

  1. ReaseAugust 4, 2012 at 4:17 AM #

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly September 25th approaches!

  2. ArianwenAugust 8, 2012 at 10:15 PM #

    Good luck with not looking at the time. I couldn’t do it! I’d get into all sorts of trouble! :)

  3. Kaleena's KaleidoscopeAugust 10, 2012 at 8:43 AM #

    I know exactly what you mean, time always seems to do the opposite of what we want–it drags when we are bored or anxiously awaiting something, and it flies when we want more! I think you’re on the right track with keeping busy, though, that’s always the best solution for me. For example, I keep thinking it’s still June, because life has been so hectic and busy lately and July was such a whirlwind, I don’t know how it’s already over. I don’t know what you’re waiting for in September but I hope it arrives quickly for you and I’m looking forward to reading about your big life changes! Cheers! :)

  4. GinaAugust 16, 2012 at 12:03 AM #

    Good luck with making the time fly! I don’t think giving up a watch would help me, however, as I’m on my phone way too much. :)

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